The reward for innovation culture renewal

Our university community plays a game changing role in renewing the surrounding society. New knowledge, inventions and ideas, novel ways of operating and individuals who challenge the current state – all these push the boundaries of possible and drive the change within our community and in the surrounding world.

Now we want to bring forth the work on and deeds of innovations and the creative minds behind them!

The reward for innovation culture renewal is an acknowledgement to an individual or a group, who have contributed for the benefit of our community´s innovation culture through a single deed or long-term work.

The call for proposals is published via intranet and via the student associations´ communications channels. The reward can be granted to an individual member (e.g. student, employee, grant researcher) or a group of our community (e.g. research group, RDI-group, service unit, student association), with significant contributions to our innovation culture development or with proven record of accomplishment with inventions or innovations.

The rewarded innovations can be social or technological, whether commercialized/commercial or capitalized through other means. The most important thing is that they somehow change the current state with the aim of making the world a better place.

Leave your proposal via e-form by 7.10.2019 at 12.00

For more information, check the intranet!

The reward ceremony will take place as part of the InnoEvent innovation festival on Friday’s Gala  8.11.