InnoEvent Tampere is an innovation festival, which brings together companies and the students of Tampere universities.

Participating as a student you will get the chance to work on a case with industry experts and company representatives in your own team. Cases can be problem solving or brainstorming, drawn from a company’s actual need or problem.

InnoEvent Tampere is a unique opportunity to network and learn. Working with company representatives you have the chance to develop connections to the business world.

All students who would like to participate in InnoEvent should enroll for the event by e-form here. Before you sign up, check out the case assignments and choose the ones you’re interested in. Enrolment is closed for this year. 

What to do to get the credits (2 ECTS)?

Tampere University students enroll for InnoEvent through Cross-Institutional Studies (Identifier: NN00FA80-3001)

Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences may be attending InnoEvent along with a course as part of their degree studies. In that case, no separate enrollment is required. If you wish to attend outside of a course requirement, you will receive credits by enrolling in the InnoEvent implementation (Identifier: NN00FA80-3001).

Enroll to InnoEvent Tampere