InnoEvent Tampere 2018 is an innovation project held from Monday November 5th to Friday November 9th. It joins together over 700 students from University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, companies or organisations and their representatives and as well as coaches. The teams will be formed of students from different fields of study and each team will collaborate with a coach and a company representative. The innovation week ends with a Friday night Gala, where a team of judges will award the best ideas.

The main goal of the week is to solve real cases and create product ideas that will help build a better future – and to have fun along the way! The week provides an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to build their network, get to know new people and showcase their own talent. Co-creation provides a great way to receive ideas from different kinds of people and will broaden the possibilities of something new and exciting emerging from solving the cases.

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