InnoEvent Tampere is an innovation festival, which brings together students and businesses. 1000 students out of the community of 30 000 students from multidisciplinary teams to produce ideas and solutions for the companies’ commissions. InnoEvent Tampere is a unique opportunity to network and learn together.

About InnoEvent

You got the feeling that you were doing something that really matters- Business student
InnoEvent Tampere is a great and eye-opening experience, which will definitely benefit both the students and the companies. As an expert I got to experience the zeal with which the cases were tackled. It was a pleasure to be a part of this event.- Jarkko Jortikka, virtual reality expert, Rakka Creative
People are our most important asset. We want to be a part of InnoEvent, because it gives us the opportunity to find the experts of the future as well as gain important and fresh information about the development of the future.- Juho Hiidenmaa, Head of Sales, Bright Group