Cases 2017

In 2017 the 700 students that took part in InnoEvent Tampere solved cases offered by the following companies. Approximately 60-80 people worked on one case in teams formed by the project team. All cases were real problems or issues. The winning student team of each case received an award of 1000 euros!

In 2017, four cases were worked on in English and eight in Finnish. The working language of each individual case is written below the introduction of it.


Valio is a Finnish dairy cooperative owned by 6500 dairy farmers. Valio employs more than 3000 people in 12 different locations in Finland. Valio receives app. 80% of Finland’s total milk volume and is Finland’s largest food exporting company.

CASE: How can we continue to improve our sustainability actions – how does sustainable milk production chain look like in the future? The milk production chain is the whole process from cow to fridge to various dairy products. Sustainability includes aspects of employment, environment, consumers and sustainable development.

This case was worken on in English.


Restamax Oyj is Finland’s first restaurant industry’s publicly traded company. Restamax’s approximately 140 places of business employ over a thousand people nationally, depending on the season. is part of our places of business, there are also plenty of other operatives outside of the brand. The foundation of the business is not just to sell food and drinks but also other leisure time activities and experiences.

CASE: Assignmetn is to produce for Restamax concrete ideas for expanding business to new divisions, and means to make people use our services again. How can we be a part of your leisure time now and in the future?

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Sandvik’s Tampere factory has been built in 1972. We employ approximately 1000 experts from many different fields.

CASE: We challenge you to generate ideas of what the factory and working environment will be like in year 2030. The goal is a factory that is cozy, visual, informative and where working is proficient. We manufacture high technology cliff drilling equipment, but technical know-how isn’t the key position in this assignment.

This case was worked on in English.



Tampere region health care district renews the operating models of TAYS and most of its treatment rooms by year 2020. The renewed services emphasize client-centred, the importance of family and loved ones, non-institutional care and how the services patients receive function mutually.

The hospital will change with the new main lobby and highway. Main lobby expands and it will have, along with new customer service spaces, for example Subway, R-kioski, a café, a pharmacy, patient organization space, flower and gift shop and a hairdresser. Highway will connect big buildings together. All in all 350 meter long highway is wanted to be a distinct, functional so-called “lane that connects the whole campus” that answers to its users needs.

CASE: Generate ideas as to what kind of services and features on the highway would best meet clients and staff’s versatile and very different needs? How can technology be utilised and how do we take into account moving, accessibility and guidance in the area? How can we turn hospital-ish into comfort?

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Tampere Areena is a sports and entertainment center that operates in Hakametsä. Our spaces organize about 30 different sized events yearly. Several sports clubs use our venues. Bowling alley Kaatopaikka also operates on the lower storey of Areena.

Tampere Areena building will be taken down during the next several years because the city of Tampere advances the Hakametsä area. Our mission is that none of the taken down material ends up on a landfill.

CASE: The assignment is to generate ideas about how to reuse the different taken down materials, what can be produced from the materials or what kind of action could be built around them.

This case was worked on in Finnish.


TramExperience 2021

A tramway with two branches going from Pyynikintori to Hervanta and TAYS area will be built in Tampere during years 2017-2021. Operating will begin in 2021. The building of the tramway has been planned on extending to Lentävänniemi during approximately years 2021-2024.

CASE: What will it be like to travel by tram in year 2021 in Tampere? What is the travel experience like; what does it look, feel, taste and smell like? What happens on the way to the tram stop and how does one get there? What happens on the tram platform, what do its surroundings look like? What is the travel experience like in the carriage, what can one do in it? What problems do you find and how do you solve them?

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Arena experiences as part of surrounding area and city

SRV is a brave developer and renewer of the construction business. Genuine cooperation and enthusiasm of doing can be seen in every encounter with us. We want to provide the best customer experience as builder of city centers and to be most invigorating workplace of the industry. We are a publicly traded company established in 1987 and we employ approximately 1000 people.

Tampere railway receives a cover on top which an experience arena, a hotel and the city’s tallest apartment buildings will be built. SRV develops and builds a new center that combines sports, culture, leisure time and business center, and connects the citizens and travellers with unique experiences and encounters.

CASE: We challenge you to generate ideas about how to bring the arena’s experiences to be a part of other functions of the cover? The mission is an overwhelming customer experience and new type of service concepts in addition to traditional event services. How can the Arena function as an interactive experience center and improve customer experience both in the arena and its surroundings, for example through new digital services?

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Located on the coast of Näsijärvi, Tampere, Särkänniemi is the second largest amusement park in Finland and one of the country’s most notable travel destinations. It was opened in 1975 and has been voted several times as the best leisure center in Finland.

CASE: What would an excellent Särkänniemi experience be like before or after a visit? Or what would a Särkänniemi experience be like outside of Särkänniemi? The crucial point is, however, that all these lead to the pivotal thing for our business – a satisfied customer that visits us (again).

Background materials are, in addition to knowledge of Särkänniemi, customer segment descriptions of Särkänniemi. Our customer segmentation is based on our customers needs and motives – how can we answer those? The planning is also lead by the story and values of Särkänniemi.

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Concepting new services for Tampereen Sähkölaitos

Tampereen Sähkölaitos is nearly 130-year-old energy business company which employs directly approximately 400 people and indirectly another 400. We serve both private and company customers. The core of our business is to responsibly secure the basic needs of ordinary days of life. Our vision is that Sähkölaitos will be seen as a responsible, fair and conversational provider of energy.

CASE: The assignment is to generate ways, channels and services that help us meet and interact in a new way with our current and future customers. How would you like to benefit from the services of a familiar and safe energy company?

This case was worked on in Finnish.


Bright Finland is a lead event technology solution provider in Finland. Our core competences are event lightning technology, sound and audio visual technology design, technical solution providing, device rental, installation, import and sales. Bright Finland also designs graphical content, video production and webcast services. Bright Finland is a part of Bright Group, which is lead Nordic event technology provider. Bright Group employs over 400 specialists in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

CASE: Customer service digitalization and modernization

How to digitalize and modernize customer service with modern technologies for our future customers. How can Bright provide better and more varied customer service for existing customers. Which modern communication channels, tools and technologies will provide better knowledge of customer purchasing habits and needs. How the confluence with customers can be digitalized to provide better customer experience. Our focus is to know customers better and meet them on the right channels to provide 360 degree experience. Which channels today and in a future Bright needs to cover and how, to fill our customer needs and how these channels can be used to provide best customer service experience in Nordics.

This case was worked on in English.


Pihlajalinna is one the largest private social and healthcare service providers in Finland. Our customers include private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and public sector entities, such as municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Our goal is to challenge current models and provide our customers with ever better service. We want to help people live better life. We want to be the forerunner in our industry, providing quick and easy care. We pay all our taxes to Finland.

Being young isn’t always easy – so let’s make it easier.

CASE: How could young people be served with reliable healthcare information?

Young people’s health and wellbeing between ages 12 and 17 is both on their and their family’s responsibility. Healthcare services and education give the basic knowledge, but this is often not enough. Moreover, there are currently very few suitable services to help young people in this situation.

By law, even a 12-year-old may book a confidential doctor’s appointment. We feel there is a need for services targeted for 12 to 17 year olds – supporting both physical and mental health, sexuality and growth and the like. Join us in envisioning a new service for helping the young stay healthy.

This case was worked on in English.


Patria is a company established in 1997 from the merging of several Finnish national defence and aviation technology companies. The company produces technology and maintenance services for national defence purposes and manufactures and develops technology and materials intended for citizen aviation. Patria employs over 2800 experts from different fields. The company actively advances its working and its employee’s know-how.

CASE: New automation solution for aviation industry’s in-house logistics

We challenge you to develop new solutions to the automation of aviation industry’s in-house logistics. The assignment is to think about how to get the stream of commodity in between production phases to work in a flexible and cost-effective manner. We are searching for new and fresh ideas and means to solve the challenge based on modern automation technologies.

This case was worked on in Finnish.