InnoEvent Tampere is an innovation competition, which brings together companies and the students of Tampere’s three universities.

Participating as a student you will get the chance to work on a case with industry experts and company representatives in your own team. Cases can be problem solving or brainstorming, drawn from a company’s actual need or problem.

InnoEvent Tampere is a unique opportunity to network and learn. Working with company representatives you have the chance to develop connections to the business world.

To enroll to the event, you must first fill our enrollment form. The enrolment is now closed.

In addition to the form you must enroll to the course, which can be found among TAMK’s courses. The name of the course is InnoEvent and  course code is 3O00CE173006. Degree stundents from UTA and TUT must go through the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies
and enroll for InnoEvent course at TAMK.

If you are an exchange student at TUT or UTA and wish to attend InnoEvent, you must go through Unipoli Tampere.

Enroll to InnoEvent Tampere