Speakers 2018

There will be a few speakers during the event week. They will give short inspirational speeches about their careers and success and also topics that inspires teams with their work. The speakers will be announced closer to the event.

Host 2018 – Trent Pancy

Our host will be the charismatic multitalent Trent Pancy.

Speaker 2018 – Yuliya Nesterenko

Yuliya Nesterenko is a
Digital Marketing expert,
a public speaker, a coach
and an active

Speaker 2018 – Sari Kanti-Paul

Pitching Coach 2018 – Markus Kaustell

Markus is a creative professional working the front- and backstages efficiently. He’s a solid performer in both theater and music, and improvisation is the core of all his ventures. With entrepreneurship, hands-on production design, interaction and performance skills welded seamlessly together, he knows how to really labour an idea into reality.

Pitching Coach 2018 – Sinimaria Tomperi

Sinimaria has taught courses and workshops in Finland and around Europe. As a teacher she focuses on communication, expression and physicality.