Making cities better places to live

How can we better prepare and meet the customer expectations of the future, embrace the megatrends of urbanization and technological disruption, and truly make cities better places to live?

What should we take into consideration on our journey towards our mission to improve the Flow of urban life in and between buildings?   

What does the world look like in 2030 and what is KONE’s role in ”best case scenario”? 

What/who could be the Uber or Netflix to disrupt our industry? 

What should KONE do internally going forward, who should we partner with, how do we ensure we still exist in the new digital, urban world? 

KONE – making cities better places to live

KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. We understand People Flow in and between buildings, and we aim to make people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable.

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Innovate the future Bronto platform

Bronto Skylift manufactures big truck mounted hydraulic platforms for many kind of professionals working at heights. At the moment, Bronto Skylift’s hydraulic platforms are used in fire and rescue missions as well as in the building and maintenance of eg. wind turbines, buildings, power lines and antennas.

Innovate new future purposes and industries to use Bronto’s hydraulic platforms. What elevated work is currently done, or will be done in the future, that could be done in faster, better or safer way with Bronto’s platforms or the accessories that can be integrated into them? What kind of new customers or customer groups will the platforms have in the future, which we haven’t yet noticed? What kind of a message, future channels or tools can be used to reach these new target groups?

Bronto Skylift is a global market leader in truck mounted, hydraulic aerial platforms. We design, manufacture, sell and service appliances for rescue and firefighting, as well as for construction work. Our product range includes approximately 50 models between with a range of 17 to 112 meters working height. Our headquarters and production plants are situated in Finland. We also have subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. The company is a part of Japan-based Morita Holdings Corporatio.


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[FIN] Event of the Future  

Events are a powerful media. People coming together in controlled environments is a profitable tool of both marketing and communications. What will events be like in the future? How can virtual environments be built into experiences with a sense of community? Will bringing people together go back to basics? What is the role of event technology in the future? How will events as a media intersect with other medias in the future? 

Create a concept of an event in 2022, including a study of events in the future in general as well as an investment proposition for the tools of the future.

Bright is the leading event technology expert in the Nordics. Visual event planning, technical production, implementation and solutions, equipment rentals, fixed installations, equipment importing and sales. Bright employs over 500 experts. The company’s turnover in 2018 will be around 100 million euros.

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[FIN] Innovate a cooking class concept  

Food is a big part of our identity: for some it’s simply an ingredient in shaping one’s body, for others a primarily ethical matter. Regardless of the goal, achieving it would be easier with a varied, tasty diet. We think that including inspiring and healthy cooking classes as a part of a well-being service, personal training and preventative occupational health services offered to employees. So, why not vouchers for cooking classes? What aspects should be considered in terms of different companies or clients? What kind of classes would be ethically sound? How about from the point of view of healthcare? How would the product be commercialised? How could the product be scaled with the help of modern technology?  

Tilaisuus Villa Sofia Oy 

We are a middle-aged company, owned and run by middle-agers, believing that we’re forever young: a company renewing and experimenting with youthful zeal, whose most recent start up,, won Business Finland’s digi-innovation competition earlier this year. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, experimenting and developing. Now we want to also renew our core product, our reliable cash-cow, our cooking classes. We will happily ski along the twenty-somethings, so long as we forget the bean bag chairs. At this age, we can’t get out of them with these knees.

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Workspace concept 2030

The office environment of today is in a middle of a fundamental transition. Our challenge is to vision what does the future office looks like. Chip-powered entrance 24/7 to any dedicated building with 8G-wifi connection? Is ping-pong table still necessity or would we rather want capsules for overnight staying at the office? What services/facilities do we need from a workspace environment or do companies need a dedicated workspace in the first place?

What does a workspace mean in 2030? Do we need opening hours or will we access any building via universal keycard 24/7? What facilities/services the space should provide for freelancers, teams and companies? We have come from renting floors to renting chairs, but what happens after coworking? Also, include your ideal dream-come-true work environment.

MOW is a coworking operator, with strong vision: to be the platform for more innovative and happier living. While we offer flexible memberships and workspace solutions to companies, teams and individuals, we are also a strong community of professionals, platform for piloting new initiatives in business and society.

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Helping people towards more sustainable shopping with date-based services 

As the world’s most sustainable retailer, we want to support customers’ everyday life towards a more sustainable and healthier way.  With the data we would like to create new services that could support our customers in making more sustainable and healthier choices when shopping for groceries. Could we help our loyal customers’ everyday grocery shopping by providing them new data-based services which make their in-store and digital experience more sustainable, healthy, easy, fun and seamless or something else?

Kesko is a Finnish trading sector pioneer. We operate in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade. Kesko and K-retailers form K Group, whose sales (pro forma) totalled about €13 billion in 2017. K Group is the third largest retailer in northern Europe and it employs around 42,000 people.

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[FIN] Instrument location in 20 seconds 

A badly injured crash victim is brought into the operating room. The surgeon needs a specific, rarely used instrument quickly. The nurse hastily leaves the operating room. The surgical wing has 14 different storage units. The nurse tries to remember where they have last seen the instrument. Fortunately, there is an experienced nurse in the first storage room, who knows where the instrument is. The nurse retrieves the instrument and returns to the operating room. The patient is stabilised.

Healthcare personnel have to spend manhours searching for instruments. Time passes, when it comes to rarely used instruments or a particularly common instrument that has ran out of stock in a particular storage unit. A department has several thousands of different instruments.
How do we help nurses, so that they can get the instruments’ location data in 20 seconds?

Tuomi Logistiikka operates as the common procurement and unifying unit of it’s owners, the city of Tampere and the Pirkanmaa hospital district. The company provides procurement, material, delivery and personnel transport services.  

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[FIN] A new kind of an experience 

How do social media and physical experiences come together at Särkänniemi? Särkänniemi is building a new theme-area targeted for teenagers and the youth. The theme’s elements are for example music, media, an urban playground for teenagers, partying, celebrities, social media and a big city feel. Design an attraction or an experience for the area, which combines social media, digital technology and physical experiences in a way that speaks to the target group. The attraction must fit in the space of a sea container (so called general container 20’ or 40’) and it should be comprised of mostly ready components (does not require coding, coming up with an app etc). The attraction should be able to take at least around 100 people per hour (theoretical capacity).

Särkänniemi is comprised of five attractions, which are the amusement park, aquarium, planetarium, Näsinneula observation tower and the Doghill Fairytale Farm. The area also has several kiosks and restaurants, such as restaurant Näsinneula. Tampereen Särkänniemi was founded in 1966, and it is a travel company owned by the city of Tampere. Additionally located in the area are SuperPark Särkänniemi, opened in 2016, and Sara Hildén’s art museum, curated by the city of Tampere. Särkänniemi has grown into Finland’s biggest and most varied recreational complex.

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[FIN] Job hunting in the future 

The Internet has revolutionized job hunting. Increasingly fewer people regularly read job postings, and some of young workers have had several jobs without ever having to write a formal application. Information spreads through social media and the grapevine. Employers don’t have the time to go through a traditional recruitment process, and thus increasingly fewer job openings are ever publically posted. According to several different estimates, irregular work will dramatically increase in the future. This, too, forces the experts of different fields into being more visible and active in bringing forth their competence. It’s important to take care of one’s professional presence as well as understand one’s own personality and tendencies. All job seeking services revolve around some type of a search algorithm, and if a profile is lazily or poorly filled out, it will not show up in the search results.

Smile is a national recruitment agency. We make flexible working conditions possible for our employees according to their situations in life, and provide service with a humane touch starting from the job search. For our customers, we provide comprehensive recruitment and personnel services with pride. We handle both individual and larger recruitment commissions. We work in several different fields, providing both our employees and our customers with field-specific and knowledgeable services.

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[FIN] Conceptualizing a place for coming together and a sense of community for Business park Syke 

Come up with a proposition for an inviting and attractive meeting place at a business park as well as any activity that could take place there. The activity should be inspiring for the companies. The goal of the meeting place is to bring together the current and new companies of the business park as well as the city’s business networks and partners. The meeting place can be a physical space, which would be designed in the existing unoccupied spaces of the business park, or it could be a virtual meeting place using pre-existing digital services.

Business park Syke is a business district in Sastamala, which hosts several industrial and service companies employing over 200 people. The business park is currently being expanded, and a more modern operating model will be created for it. The new operating model’s strengths will be active business networks, working together and comperehensive support services.  

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[FIN] To the Core of Interactive Communication

Why would a student get interested in his or her university? What will draw one to participate? How three becomes one? How to make Tampere new university consortium a real community, our community?

Tampere university consortium will be started 1.1.2019 with its 40000 members. This will be an interdisciplinary group of people on three different campuses. Potential is enormous, but most of the people do not know each other.

Your mission is to present a feasible model on how to create an interactive and functional community. Your task is to describe with different but practical methods how from me (individual) the we (community) will be formed. Key words for the task could be interaction, communication, enthusiasms, courage and experimental culture.


What is SCIL?

At Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) students are experts working in multdisciplinary team, together with other experts. SCIL and the experts are doing their share in developing Tampere higher education community.

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